Hack: 5 Things Corporations Will Buy From You Part 1

Corporations spend billions of dollars partnering with people, organizations and brands that can help them reach their ideal customer.

Non celebrity influencers just like YOU sell $1,000 Tweets ! Why not you?  With a mutually beneficial value proposition, YOU can get sponsored to:

  1. Attend conferences.  Kylie Ofiu offers great step by step insight in her guest post on Problogger.
  2. Lend your expertise through Q&A sessions, motivational talks, etc. as they invest in professional development of their staff
  3. “How To” articles and videos about a mutual interest
  4. Host a focus group. Corporations know demographics of their ideal clients. Can YOU bring that audience together?
  5. Licence content you’ve created. Content is KING!  Its the gift that keeps on giving back. Good content can be re purposed  and packaged into endless new products. For example, dozens of people buy this from me every month.

Are you a successful sponsorship seeker? I’d love to hear your stories about the innovative benefits you’ve sold. Drop me an email: anisha@lance-lee.com