The 4 Questions You Must Ask And Answer Before Seeking Sponsorship

If your organization is like many nonprofit organizations :

  • You’ve seen funding for your organization plummet and demand for your services increase.
  • You are constantly seeking new ways to raise additional funding.
  • You’ve probably thought about how your organization can get more support from the corporate community.

Funding from corporations can be a great opportunity for your organization to increase your budget but– you should never haphazardly create a corporate sponsorship program for the sake of filling a budget deficit. Before pursuing support from corporations, you first need to know your organizations goals,  then ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is your organization trying to achieve?
  2. Can you effectively tell your organizations story?
  3. What value could your organization provide to a prospective corporate sponsor?
  4. What impact could a corporation make by supporting your organization?

Asking and answering these four questions help your organization clearly articulate your goals, rationale and value proposition to prospective corporate sponsors.



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