August 11, 2016

Strategic Fundraising Plan

Your long-term sustainability must be build upon clear and well informed information.


A simple “Build It And They Will Come” strategy merely links your success to the whim of a relatively small segment of your target audience. A diverse comprehensive Strategic Fundraising Plan is your pathway to success and sustainability, as it has considered the many facets of your existing and potential client base, as well as your best opportunities to demonstrate your Value Proposition.

Lance + Lee has a structured a proven approach to developing Strategic Fundraising Plans that aligns with your organizations goals and objectives. Our Market Strategies are evolving roadmaps which provide your organization with a sound foundation for actionable plans and measurable results.



Our plans include:


Introduction and Assessment
Case Statements
Demographic Analysis: Economic and Social, Political SWOT Analysis
Organizational Development and Dynamics
Funding History
Tailored Funding Opportunities
Description of Funding Need
Goals and Objectives
Tactical Action Plan(s)
Structural recommendations for managing your development program (technology, cultivation strategies, acknowledgement)