My Clients Who Sell $1,000 Tweets Understand This…..

Yep…I have a few clients who sell tweets for $ 1,000 each-and its no big deal.

How? They understand influence and leverage. With digital media, most ANYONE can be an influencer. You don’t even have to be a celebrity.

Its a SIMPLE equation and win win for all. How it works: 

  • ABC corporation is marketing a $500 cell phone.
  • YOU, the influencer spreads the word across your digital media
  • THEN, even at the lowest conversation rate—even if three phones are sold, ABC corporation made $500
  • Anisha helps engineer this and #BOOM

Tips for getting the influencer edge:

  • YOU control your narrative. OWN YOUR NAME BUY THAT DOMAIN (I know that’s easy for Anisha Robinson Keeys to say) however if your name is available, buy it.
  • Products like are great for managing your CV, social links and how you are showcased in social media.
  • If you do nothing else–READ THIS NOW:  Word of Mouth Marketing Associations report. WOMMA Influencer Guidebook – 2013 pdf (1)

Share your tips in comments. 



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