Attend Our Webinar On 4/27 And Up Your Sponsorship Game


Corporate sponsorship is transactional, and dare I say simplistic.

If your organization, business, brand, or project can potentially advance the marketing and sales objectives of a corporation,  sponsorship could be a viable source of income.

During my 18 years in this industry,  I’ve helped clients raise over $80 million dollars, from corporations including (but not limited to):



You know what?  No matter the project, scope or money raised, most successful sponsorship seekers understand seven fundamental things:

  1.  Most everyone has sponsorship prospects
  2. Personal interaction is important
  3. Take social and digital media seriously
  4. Sponsors aren’t just interested in logo recognition
  5. Sponsors ARE interested in diverse, innovative and profitable opportunities to partner with YOU
  6. They approach sponsors with the confidence of someone offering a win-win business proposition
  7. Underpromising and overdelivering sponsorship benefits lead to long term partnerships

If you want to learn more about this, attend my complimentary webinar on Wednesday,  April 13th at 8pm EST: 7 Things Successful Sponsorship Seekers Understand. 


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