5 No Nonsense Tips For Closing A Sponsorship Deal

So you’ve read Get Corporate Sponsorship and have taken all the right steps to implementing your sponsorship program. You are near final stage of the process: asking for the money.

Here are five  tips for closing the deal:

1. Make a good business pitch

That includes: overview of your history  and track record, sponsor benefits, and a clear articulation of how those benefits complement your sponsors goals and philosophy. Also—make sure to include a sponsorship reply form.

2. Meet in person if you can

Have the person who introduced you to the sponsor arrange and attend the meeting with you. During the meeting, ask open-ended questions about your sponsors goals and giving priorities and then listen.

3. Be clear about what you want

Use phrases such as: “Here’s how you can partner with our organization” , or “Ideally, you could…” and then insert the action you want them to take.

4. Know the next steps

Know the next steps and when you should expect to hear back from a sponsor.

5. Immediately send a short thank you to your prospect

A short thank you note that recaps the mutual benefits you proposed.  Whether or not you land the sponsorship, keep your prospect informed of your work and strengthen your chance of getting their support in the future. Note: ask for permission and make sure you are not violating email spam laws.

Some Corporate Sponsorship Resources and further reading

IEG: research database, advisory and ROI services Linkedin: search area corporations—then find out if they are connected to your organization or volunteers

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