5 Tips for Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Nonprofit

Eighty eight percent of corporations give to charitable causes. Some steps to standing out and getting your share of these contributions include: developing a prospect list of warm leads, preparing a strong proposal, approaching a sponsor, and ultimately persuading them to support your organization. 5 Tips for Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Nonprofit:

1. Understand the difference between corporate philanthropy and sponsorship.

Philanthropy is typically motivated by altruism and promotes a business as good corporate citizen. Sponsorship offers a return on financial investment. Check out this post to learn the differences between corporate philanthropy and sponsorship. 

2. Stand out

Stand Our from the hundreds of unsolicited proposals sponsors get every week. Ask your board members, volunteers and staff who they know and focus first on those corporations. Other sources to consider: your vendors and the vendors of your supporters

3. Do your research

and know something about your potential sponsors mission, goals and giving policies. You can often get a sense of how sponsors have supported other charitable causes by looking at their recent annual reports, and press releases

4. Offer value beyond logo recognition

Think about it ….do businesses like Pepsi really need logo recognition from your non-profit?

5. Keep It basic: your proposal does not have to be fancy 

Your proposal does not have to be fancy to be viewed favorably. If you have a connection to your sponsor they will consider your modestly designed proposal over the glossy, fancy proposal from someone they don’t know.

Here are some additional resources for getting corporate sponsorship for Your Nonprofit

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP): Founded by Paul Newman this international forum of corporations lead the business community in raising the level and quality of corporate philanthropy Google Alerts: updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of topic Hoover’s Online: Public company profiles linked to current earnings updates, ticker symbols and additional Web searches   Want to learn more? Get our book. This information packed workbook is a step by step guide to securing corporate sponsorship from identifying the right prospects to making the in person “ask”.

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